Miles and Words is the place where my love of running and writing overlap — with a healthy dose of travel and adventure to bring everything together. 

I fell in love with running in my early twenties and haven't looked back. In 2017 I upgraded from casual weekend jogs to my first half and first full marathon, and now I can't imagine a life without running. 

I'm sure you're wondering how fast I am. The answer is — not very! But one of the joys I find in running is in competing against myself. Hopefully these PRs won't last long, but here's where I stand now:

  • 1 mile: 6:36
  • 5k: 23:37
  • 10k: 48:33
  • Half-marathon: 1:46:59
  • Marathon: 3:53:52


Me, Maria.

Me, Maria.