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Race Report: TCS NYC Marathon 2018

Just over a week after running the TCS NYC Marathon I’m starting to feel normal again: walking without pain, not constantly re-evaluating my race day, and even starting to get excited to run another race. I ran a 4:08:50 marathon last week, which is a far cry from the time I aimed for — but even during marathon itself, I realized that while it wasn’t the time I wanted, it was the race I was trained for and the race I deserved.

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NYC Marathon Training Recap Weeks 17, 18, and Pre-Race Check-in

This is a nested training recap and pre-race check-in — in the midst of a busy week, I took a few minutes on the subway to start writing a nervous, critical post as race day approached. But now that I have finished my shakeout run, picked up my bib, and made a race-day morning and post-finish plan, I’m a bit calmer and feeling more positive about the race. Perhaps writing through my anxiety helped prepare me for the race after all!

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NYC Marathon Training Recap Weeks 9 & 10

Week 9 of my training was another evening-heavy one: knowing I had a 14-miler scheduled for Wednesday and I would rather do that distance after work, I shifted all my runs to the evening for consistency’s sake. At the same time, I wanted my bike at the office so I could ride to some midday appointments, so I biked into Manhattan on Tuesday morning before knocking out 6.5 easy (if very hot) miles on my way home to start my week of night run commutes.

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