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Race Report: 2019 Popular Brooklyn Half

When I told another runner that I had a terrible time racing the Popular Brooklyn Half this year, and started talking about “going to a really dark place around mile eight” he interrupted me. “When you go to a dark place,” he asked, “do you have a tough time running? Or are you talking about something bigger? Are you actually feeling so messed up you’re —I don’t know— about to quit your job?”

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Street Art Series: Madrid, Spain

Spain's capital city is a sprawling metropolis, and like any big city encompasses many different neighborhoods. From the tourist center and its shopping districts to historic castles, rose gardens, and parks, Madrid is a grand and cosmopolitan hub. But the city isn't all glitz and glam, and Madrid's diversity also includes neighborhoods that fly under the radar —or have until recently.

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Street Art Series: Cartagena, Colombia

I’m getting ready to plan a short trip in the fall and longer trip at the end of the summer, and I’ve been looking back on some of my favorite vacations for inspiration as I choose a destination. I’ve gone on some great runs during all my recent trips — and these next ones will both fall during marathon training, so I am certainly going to choose runner-friendly destinations!— but this week I’ve been thinking about my favorite non-running elements of recent trips to use as inspiration…

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